Our mission – the Med-X-Press mission statement

Our mission is to realize the wishes of our customers in reliable services.
Our corporate philosophy and our actions are characterised by respect, fairness, transparency and customer
orientation - both internally and externally.

mission statement

Med-X-Press GmbH is a medium-sized, owner-managed service company for companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The core business with logistic offers is completed by a series of high-quality, innovative
utsourcing solutions. We operate nationally and internationally in line with our customers' markets, which reflect the entire spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry, from small niche providers to global pharmaceutical companies.

For us, customer satisfaction and service quality are the driving forces behind the optimal execution of our workflows and processes. We act reliably, quickly and flexibly. Our external relationships with customers, suppliers and partners are characterized by fairness, transparency and mutual trust.

What applies to us externally also forms the basis of our internal actions.

The employees treat each other respectfully, friendly and with mutual esteem. This maxim is also the basis for the behaviour of the management towards the employees. The management promotes employees according to their abilities and potential.

The health care system and in particular the pharmaceutical market are highly regulated. In all our work processes, we comply with all legal requirements, meet all necessary quality and safety standards and act in accordance with the compliance rules and code of conduct for the pharmaceutical industry. In the interest of our customers, we go one step further than the standard.

To ensure that our work meets the high requirements, employees receive qualified training and the opportunity to further their education within the scope of their tasks. In addition to economic responsibility and our profit orientation, we act cost-consciously and responsibly in the areas of ecology and sustainability. We are committed to social causes in the region and support charitable projects.

We jointly develop sustainable outsourcing models along the value chain of our customers, secure jobs and the expansion of the company with the claim of being the most reliable logistics service provider in the pharmaceutical industry.