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Managing Director
Lars Dörhage, Christian Frede

06.06.2005 Foundation of Med-X-Press GmbH
14.07.2014 Founding of MXP Werbemittel GmbH

Around 300 employees (start 2005: 3 employees)
Training company for various professions in the dual system

Offer and service
Med-X-Press is a logistics fulfillment provider and outsourcing partner for the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and advertising materials. The portfolio also includes customer-specific services such as syringe screening, the installation and organisation of web shops and serialisation as part of anti-counterfeiting protection. All services meet the high legal requirements of the German Medicines Act (AMG) and the company is GDP/GMP-certified (Good Distribution or Manufacturing Practices). Med-X-Press has a manufacturing license according to § 13.1 AMG and a wholesale license according to § 52a AMG.

Human and veterinary drug manufacturers and companies in the healthcare sector - small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. Five of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide are Med-X-Press customers.

Over 12 million euros in the past seven years in new buildings and equipment.



1. Company headquarters Pracherstieg
Temperature-controlled high-bay warehouse, anaesthetic storage including cold storage cell,
2017 Commissioning of a second BtM warehouse
Packaging and picking, sleeving, syringe screening, serialization, administration,
Customer Service, Quality
Seat of the MXP Werbemittel GmbH

2. Alte Heerstraße
2017 Commissioning of a temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouse, order picking
Marketing and Sales

3. Dörntener Straße
Cold storage: storage and order picking in the temperature range from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius

4. Lange Wanne
Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical storage, packaging and commissioning
IT department

5. Magdeburger Kamp
Storage of advertising material


6. Langelsheim
Storage of advertising material, order picking

7. Langelsheim
Cardboard box and pallet warehouse


8. Glattbrugg
Opening of a branch office on 01.04.2016


Med-X-Press is one of the founding members of the association Bassgeigenflöhe e.V., whose task is to establish an inter-company, flexible childcare facility.
Med-X-Press is a member of the inter-company association Frau und Wirtschaft e.V. in the district of Goslar and supports the professional and company promotion of women

Our contact person for public relations and media representatives

Ursula Jung

Ursula Jung
public relations

    +49 (0) 173 - 7701690

Our contact person for public relations and media representatives

Ursula Jung

Ursula Jung
public relations

    +49 (0) 173 - 7701690