Every workflow – from incoming goods to logistics processes and the shipment of goods – is described in detail and established by SOP. Each employee undergoes regular training, with the success of the training courses evaluated each time.

In keeping with the principles of GMP /GDP, our manufacturing processes are monitored by our head of manufacturing along with a qualified person, the head of quality control and the quality management officer. This occurs on the basis of batch documentation. These steps give our customers full peace of mind and security. Our warehouses and halls are temperature-controlled.

They are monitored using digital data loggers, and the monitoring process is reviewed by our quality management. At Med-X-Press, the entire organisation, every room in the facility and every single work sequence is subjected to ongoing quality controls. We have incorporated regular self-inspections into our everyday work – for your safety. Every quality requirement is coordinated with the respective customer requirements. In doing so, we truly are on the same page as our customers in every single area.

Regardless of where in the supply chain Med-X-Press provides its services, the company puts its handling of medicines to the test day in, day out. 

As a member of AKG, we are committed to observing the compliance rules that come with code-compliant operations in all areas of the services that we offer.

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