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Security - Across all business units

Safety and quality are inextricably linked at Med-X-Press. The maxim of Med-X-Press is: highest priority for quality and safety. Security includes all business areas and requires the obligatory technical equipment, the necessary tools and primarily competent manpower.

We meticulously comply with all legal requirements, e.g. for occupational safety or fire protection. We have appointed appropriate representatives for all areas, who work together with the management and our employees to develop practicable solutions. We are also ideally equipped to deal with any incidents. We have trained a team of first responders who are on the spot immediately in an emergency and take the necessary measures.

We like to characterize our BtM warehouses as high-security wings - and the name lives up to its promise. The structural requirements follow the specifications of the Federal Opium Agency and with our security technology we have set standards. Innovative camera technology documents all processes involved in the storage and commissioning of narcotics.

Just like the BtM warehouses, the entire site is monitored by video.

Security in the real world is just as important to us as it is in the digital universe.

For us, IT security is a fixed constant during data transfer as well as during the processing and storage of data.