GDP network solutions

With the transport network "GDP network solutions" we offer our customers a Germany-wide, actively temperature-controlled distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in the temperature zone of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius.

The indicators of the network speak for themselves:
Delivery reliability is 99.3 per cent and our loss ratio is 0.003 per cent.

Together with nine other pharmaceutical logistics companies, Med-X-Press is one of the founding companies of the cooperation and is your local medium-sized contact. Whether pallet or parcel, we actively bring every size of consignment temperature-controlled to the recipient. Permanent temperature monitoring is a matter of course for us, as is compliance with all other legal requirements and the provisions of the GDP Directive.

Temperature control plays a special role in this. With more than 1000 certified trucks in our network, we are optimally equipped for the transport of sensitive pharmaceutical products.
Modern telematics and transport management systems are complemented by cloud registration of the vehicles, including online tracking as well as GPS positioning and an update after 15 minutes.

Real-time monitoring and end-to-end documentation provide all data in real time via a control tower. The 24/7 alarm system enables emergency management to be activated.

An intelligent IT system with specially developed software has been implemented in our processes and ensures comprehensive quality management across all interfaces.
Our employees receive regular training and further education in accordance with the high quality requirements.

Med-X-Press is one of the established pharmaceutical logistics companies with a sophisticated portfolio of services, which we round off with the offer of GDP network solutions. Among other things, we have expanded our fleet of vehicles in order to transport our customers' products safely, quickly and comprehensively to their destination.
Our partners in the cooperation are medium-sized logistics specialists, firmly anchored in the region and with personal contact to the customer.  
GDP network solutions stands for the reliability of your supply chain.

Your advantages:

  • One Face to the Customer
  •  Practice-oriented solutions
  • Active temperature management
  • Temperature monitoring in time
  • Standard delivery time 24/48
  • All consignment sizes
  • FTL and LTL transports