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Serialization & counterfeit protection for medical and pharmaceutical products

Serialization & counterfeit protection 

We make sure that your product gets the green light in the pharmacy! We apply the prescribed safety features for Rx preparations and you can place a counterfeit-proof medicine on the market.


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Serialization & counterfeit protection for your medicine

The supply chain for prescription medicines must be fully traceable. This is guaranteed by a unique identifier as an individual identification feature and a tamper-evident seal, an anti-tampering device.
We take care of this serialization and tamper-evident sealing for you. 


Product safety: from the manufacturer to the patient

Since 2019, the date on which EU Directive 2011/62/EU came into force, we have been printing the safety code on your products with our state-of-the-art systems, both on flat packaging and on filled pharmaceutical packaging.  The tamper-evident seal is applied by machine in a continuous process. 
A 100% checkweighing guarantees that your pharmaceutical pack is complete.
With our serialization service provider, we offer you a versatile and flexible interface to your or the known serialization platforms.