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Quality & safety in pharmaceutical logistics

Quality & Safety

The primacy of quality is binding for us in all processes. In conjunction with our high safety standards, we meet the legal requirements and those of our customers. 


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Quality, efficacy and safety  

Quality, efficacy and safety are the criteria that medicinal products must meet. These characteristics must be ensured throughout the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the patient.  Our Quality Unit guarantees these standards during storage and distribution. 


For us, quality is not a static size.   

We measure ourselves against the respective requirements with the aim of achieving maximum product safety, which is made possible and guaranteed by a well-established QM system. With our SOPs, we achieve efficient work processes, primarily in the interest of our customers, and give the teams confidence in handling medicinal products in accordance with the law. 


Quality management, quality assurance or quality control 

You can rely on our experts. Our wholesale authorization according to § 52.a AMG and the manufacturing authorization § 13.1. AMG as well as our official GMP and GDP certificates are proof of our legally compliant actions.