Med-X-Press GmbH
temperature-controlled, safe and fast delivery of pharmaceuticals

Transport management

From our central location, we actively provide temperature-controlled, safe and fast delivery to every recipient - in Germany and worldwide. With us, your products reach the place where they are needed. We take the obligations arising from our official GDP certificate very seriously. We comply with the special conditions for the transportation of pharmaceuticals without exception.  


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Our location: 
Late Cut-off times 
Overnight delivery possible  

The Goslar location has proven to be ideal in the history of our company. In the center of Germany, all major transport routes can be reached quickly. This applies to the major north-south and west-east highway connections and the proximity to airports and seaports. This enables us to offer our customers late cut-off times and overnight delivery is generally guaranteed. At Med-X-Press, we use a time management tool that reduces waiting times to ensure that processes run smoothly and quickly. 

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Eurotranspharma Germany: 

This is our network for your active temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

We have been working for our customers since 2024, transporting all consignment sizes in the temperature zones 15 to 25 degrees and 2 to 8 degrees (planned start: beginning of August) - nationwide, quickly and reliably.

We have rounded off our transport services with last-mile distribution.  For our customers, this means: full service for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.


The expansion of our service portfolio offers you an optimal, cost-saving solution in distribution and contributes to the security of supply of patients with products of impeccable quality.