Med-X-Press GmbH
nterface connections and data transfer


Our own IT unit is our control center for all digital processes and their smooth operation - internally for the entire infrastructure at our locations and externally in cooperation with our customers. 

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Interface connections and data transfer are part of our team's daily business. 

Our IT specialists have many years of experience in supporting B2B web stores for the sales force of pharmaceutical companies. The online stores provide their pharmaceutical sales representatives with everything they need for effective marketing. The web stores at Med-X-Press are the cost-effective alternative to your in-house organization. 

Data is considered the raw material of the 21st century. That is why we attach great importance to IT and data security in all processes.  By using modern hardware and software, we increase our resistance to external threats. Our 24/7 monitoring of all Med-X-Press system environments allows us to identify risks at an early stage so that we can react accordingly. Encrypted data transfer protocols ensure secure communication during data exchange.   


For our customers, this means automation and interface connection: 

  • Reliable and system-independent data exchange of business documents 
  • Increased efficiency of business processes
  • Avoidance of manual processing errors


We use our highly available in-house data center to operate critical company applications.  

The implementation of a business intelligence system enables comprehensive and interactive reporting and the determination of KPIs - with complete transparency of data along the supply chain.