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Management Board 

Lars Dörhage, Managing Partner
Christian Frede, Managing Director
Wolfram Zehnle, Managing Director


Around 300 employees (start 2005: 3 employees)
Training company for various professions in the dual system 


Human and veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies from the healthcare sector - small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. Five of the world's top ten leading pharmaceutical companies are customers of Med-X-Press.

The company

06.06.2005 Foundation of Med-X-Press GmbH 
14.07.2014 Foundation of MXP Werbemittel GmbH
06.07.2020 Foundation of GDP network solutions 
23.01.2024 Rebranding of MXP Werbemittel GmbH in MXP Fulfillment GmbH


Med-X-Press works at five locations in Goslar. In addition to our active temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouses in Goslar, we also operate advertising material warehouses at various locations in the region.


Over 17 million euros in new buildings and equipment over the past 15 years.

Information about our offers and services

Med-X-Press is a logistics fulfillment provider and outsourcing partner for the active temperature-controlled storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and advertising materials. Med-X-Press is licensed to handle narcotics in accordance with § 3 narcotics law. In addition to the actively temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouses, we also operate a cold storage facility for pharmaceuticals in the 2 to 8 °C range. The portfolio includes other customer-specific services such as syringe screening, the installation and organization of web stores and serialization as part of counterfeit protection.

All services meet the strict legal requirements set out in the German Medicines Act (AMG) and the company is also officially GDP/GMP-certified (Good Distribution and Manufacturing Practices). Med-X-Press is one of the founding companies of "GDP network solutions", a nationwide transport network for the GDP-compliant distribution of pharmaceuticals in the ambient range (15 to 25 °C). Med-X-Press has a manufacturing authorization according to § 13.1 drug law and a wholesale authorization according to § 52a drug law.

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