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Med-X-Press GmbH builds new warehouse for narcotics

[Translate to English:] Mit Abstand – der erste Spatenstich für das neue BtM-Lager von Med-X-Press. Natascha de Raad, Geschäftsleitung Vertrieb und Marketing mit den geschäftsführenden Gesellschaftern Lars Dörhage, links, und Christian Frede. Foto ©: Med-X-Press GmbH

[Translate to English:] Spatenstich zum Bau des neuen BtM-Lagers von Lars Dörhage, links und Christian Frede, geschäftsführende Gesellschafter der Med-X-Press GmbH; Goslar. Foto ©: Med-X-Press GmbH

Goslar, 29.04.2021

With the ground-breaking ceremony, the pharmaceutical logistics company Med-X-Press gave the starting signal for the construction of a new warehouse for narcotics at the company headquarters in Goslar. The investment volume amounts to 4.5 million euros.

The new building is the answer to the increasing demand for narcotics logistics in a growing market with complex requirements.

The new "high-security storage" offers space for about 4,000 pallets and has an additional 1,000 square metres of space for picking and packing. "The construction of a narcotics warehouse has parallels to narcotics logistics: High legal standards apply to safety and quality," emphasises Lars Dörhage, managing partner and owner of Med-X-Press.

Consequently, safety and air-conditioning technology had a special place in the construction planning. The result will be an "air-conditioned safe" that also meets the criteria of sustainability. The planned green roof will help to reduce the effects of heating in summer and cooling in winter. 

With the ground-breaking ceremony that has now taken place, Med-X-Press is taking another step towards expansion in a special segment of pharmaceutical logistics. For more than ten years, the medium-sized company has been an established narcotics specialist and has considerably expanded not only its storage capacities but also its range of services for customers in this field. 

The market for narcotics has been growing for years and received an additional boost from the conditional release of medicinal cannabis. With the development of new business areas, such as stability storage for narcotics or advice on import and export, Med-X-Press offers a wide range of services.  

The construction of the new narcotics warehouse completes these services with the significant expansion of storage capacities, which takes into account the requirements of our customers for legally compliant handling of narcotics. 

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