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Blog #31: We are going our own way

Lars Dörhage on new goals in 2024

[Translate to English:] Ein Ausblick auf 2024

By Lars Dörhage

In 2023, I wrote here: "Be courageous, assertive and optimistic". We at Med-X-Press have taken this challenge to heart. In 2023, we were able to achieve a lot, initiated new projects and are therefore tackling new challenges with great vigor. The classic megatopics, such as digitalization and sustainability, will continue to accompany us in 2024. We want to further consolidate our corporate culture and have readjusted our guidelines - mission, vision and values - to this end. We will increasingly focus on the USPs of Med-X-Press as a pharmaceutical logistics provider. 

No future without a past

I don't want to bore you with a look back, but it's often the small events that stick in the memory. Our bees, for example, which were diligently cared for with great dedication and provided our first honey harvest. A good example of the commitment of our employees, which also follows an overarching goal: The preservation of biodiversity and, in harmony with our green roof, the home of our bees, the improvement of the urban climate.

Another example: These days, it's "Alaaf" or "Helau" again in many regions. Sorry, but I have to confess: "I'm not a carnival junkie". Nevertheless, I like to think of our company party. The Med-X-Press team celebrated a carnival party at the start of the session in November, with imaginative costumes, lots of fun, good humour and excellent organization.

Great memories, but let's look to the future. 

What's coming in 2024? 

I can promise that a lot will be happening at Med-X-Press: 

  • We will expand our range of services for the active temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products and Med-X-Press will impress with new services.
  • Our in-house IT unit is planning new digital solutions for 2024 - both internally and for our customers. And our Manufacturing division will also have news to report.
  • We have already renamed the sister company of Med-X-Press, "MXP-Werbemittel". The change of name to "MXP Fulfillment" includes a broader range in the storage and distribution of advertising materials. With a new managing director, we will significantly expand this pillar of our spectrum.
  • I have already mentioned the megatopics of digitalization and sustainability. These are topics that we have been pushing for years with corresponding investments. Further measures in the areas of the environment, social affairs and corporate governance underpin our commitment to ecological change. You can look forward to detailed reporting in the next sustainability report, which we will be publishing soon.

Our new website

Have I aroused your curiosity? Then take a look at our new website. Visitors to our website will find all the latest news from Med-X-Press in a clear and informative way.

The relaunch of was just four weeks ago and I have to take a look back at the past year, because the 2023 website project was a real challenge. Natascha de Raad described this impressively in the last blog 30. I think the work was worth it and the many positive reactions I received reflect this.

Global politics

Finally, allow me to look beyond the borders of our central location in Goslar. The external conditions have not improved. On the contrary: while the war in Ukraine continues, a new one has broken out in the Middle East. We all know the effects. The rebels in Yemen are causing additional instability in supply chains and making sea freight considerably more expensive. Domestically, the political debate is characterized by increasing polarization. I think it is time to take a stand. It is encouraging that people are taking to the streets for our democracy and that the majority of German businesses are also clearly positioning themselves in favor of the values of a free society. Free elections are an essential achievement of our democracy. All eligible voters should exercise their right to vote in order to send a clear signal on the ballot paper in the upcoming European elections as well as in the state and local elections! 

Once again: remain courageous, assertive and optimistic - in the company and beyond!

I look forward to a dialog, write to me!

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